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Taoer Duo okay with medical swab
Time:2015-09-19 11:22??Source:未知?? Author:管理员
  Miraclean factory in Shenzhen remind you: to care for the ears, not Taoer Duo with medical cotton swab!
  There are a lot of barber shop or beauty salon has its ears to help the guests were taken with a small tool to dig and dig ears, will feel very comfortable. Shenzhen Merry Colin reminded Tao Erduo outside some institutions are not very formal, dig complete a guest, no disinfection tool to clean up someone else to continue to dig. Ear canal papillomas caused many of which are Taoer Duo.
  Shenzhen Miraclean cotton manufacturers advise: best not to own at home with medical cotton swab to Taoer Duo. Our canal is curved, doctors check to straighten the ear canal should, in order to see inside; you do not see yourself inside the ear with medical cotton swab, then bend easily damaged places. Furthermore, I do not know the depth of their own to Taoer Duo, do not know the severity; ears itch to dig up will be very comfortable, but it will dig over and found that pain after dig finished, so already the ear structure causing injury.
  ShenzhenMiracleancotton manufacturers recommendations, earwax more, the correct approach is to use cotton swabs rolled into children, earwax gently cleared. If earwax too hard to pull out, you can go to the hospital the doctor treatment. If the ear is not very blocked, the best Do not use medical cotton Taoer Duo, then if you want to go to a regular hospital; usually at home, if there is earwax out, take the paper to wipe it.
  Disclaimer: "okay with medical swab Taoer Duo" copyright Colin ShenzhenMiraclean all, reproduced, please indicate the source.

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