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Purification Cotton clean room Why should regular maintenanc
Time:2015-09-19 11:21??Source:未知?? Author:管理员
  Cotton production during the purification process, we must ensure the workshop clean environment, which is the minimum requirement. However, according to the survey, most companies produce clean before and did not follow regulations, they just will purify clean Cotton production environment as a dead letter Bale.
  Why the emphasis on the purification plant to purify the Cotton produced, would carry out regular maintenance of it?
  Because the scope of application of purification Cotton mostly in the clean precision instrument, it must ensure clean, not contaminated with any dust. Even in the dust-free workshop production, we need to pay attention to regular checks for the purification room. Because the clean room of some equipment also will be problems, if from time to time to check, it will affect the quality of the product batch, thus affecting the growth performance of the company.
  As a professional Cleanroom Swabs factory, Shenzhen Micrel Colin also charged with the corporate mission, regularly clean purification plant for inspection and maintenance, to ensure the quality of the swab can purify 100% compliance.
  Disclaimer: "purification Cotton clean room Why should regular maintenance" copyright Colin Shenzhen Miraclean all, reproduced, please indicate the source.

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