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Purification Cotton manufacturers introduce oral swab sampli
Time:2015-09-19 11:19??Source:未知?? Author:管理员
  Today, Shenzhen purify swab manufacturers will introduce the oral swab down-sampling method:
  Oral swabs specific steps:
  1, ready to disinfect medical purification Cotton, before extraction, first with water sieve mouth, and then a hand swab into his mouth, from the mouth repeatedly wipe the inside of the buccal mucosa at more than 10 times, remove the sterile swab, clean place to dry.
  2, in the same way a second collection swabs, everyone at least to extract three cotton swabs.
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  3, please do not forget to sample well marked, attention will be placed in different samples alone, can not touch each other, they can be placed in a different paper envelope or an insurance film, clearly marked on the envelope.
  The method of paternity testing vary, but the basic principle is the same, are based on the laws of Mendelian genetics, the use of modern biotechnology, to be iden extraction and detection of specific DNA fragments of it by comparing the iden between multiple genetic loci information on, and results of the corresponding calculations and analysis, the identification of the conclusions of the process.
  Note: Any time, do not touch the hand or other objects sampling swab / swab, before collection please rinse with water. Please identify as soon as possible after the sample sent to dry!
  Disclaimer: "Miraclean manufacturers introduced buccal swab sampling method" Copyright Shenzhen Miracleanall, reproduced, please indicate the source.

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