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Taoer Duo with medical cotton swab is good
Time:2015-09-19 11:16??Source:未知?? Author:管理员
    Many people accustomed to the use of medical cotton swab to Taoer Duo, believing it can achieve the purpose of cleaning the ear, in this cotton factory in Shenzhen Marinelli Colin remind you, do not just use a cotton swab to Taoer Duo, so that the ear is not good. Strictly speaking, it is not Taoer Duo yourself.
  Although not recommended themselves frequently go Taoer Duo, but because "ear cicada" generate faster, especially those glands secrete a strong, commonly known as "oil ear" generate faster, dedicated to the hospital dig ear too much trouble, it is not realistic . Therefore, they can pay for their own ears, but it should do the following two points:
  1, preferably with cotton stick, gently rotate in the external auditory canal and the ear down, the Earwax may come out on their own; as far as possible without nails, and other sharp objects iron sign dig ear.
  2, do not form habits and frequent ear ear swabs for medical use, it should generally be about one week once; but in a dusty place or are "ear oil" who can be appropriately shorter, you can learn according to their own circumstances.
  When not Taoer Duo, may form Earwax embolism, then, it is difficult to pull out their own, and should go to the hospital with specialized equipment removed, after removing stick with eardrops ear drops 2 - 3 days to prevent infection.
  Generally, earwax do not have manual removal, it will speak, eat, when yawning, with mandibular movement, with the role hairs on the skin, it is automatically discharged.
  Miraclean factory in Shenzhen, said Tao Erduo often is harmful to health, in particular in:
  1, due to frequent ear canal skin stimulation, skin congestion, resulting in increased secretion of earwax, stacked serious. In other words, the more we dig earwax more.
  2, often Taoer Duo stimulate chronic inflammation of the tympanic membrane, tympanic membrane redness, thickening, ear canal will flow out small amount of pus.
  3, easy to damage the ear canal skin. If earwax hard when Taoer Duo or more, easy to scratch the skin, bacteria will take the opportunity to enter the wound caused by the infection. Or for scraping back and forth, the bacteria squeeze the hair follicles, sebaceous glands tube, causing inflammation, water, severe external ear canal Boil.
  Disclaimer: "With good medical cotton Taoer Duo" copyright Miraclean Shenzhen Marinelli all, reproduced, please indicate the source.

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