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Cotton Manufacturers tell you how to use DNA buccal swabs ro
Time:2015-09-18 15:44??Source:未知?? Author:管理员
  Oral swab (buccal mucosal cells) sample is simple, painless, non-invasive DNA sample collection method is suitable for collecting DNA samples of any age group. Here we follow the purification Cotton factory in Shenzhen together to understand how to use DNA mouth swab routine sampling.
  1. Before sampling
  Shenzhen factory purification Cotton remind you that in the thirty minutes before sampling, do not eat, smoking, drinking and so on.
  (1) Prepare a glass of water, drink into about 50ml water to fully wash the mouth for about 10 seconds, spit it out;
          (2) Repeat the above steps 2-3 times.
  2. Oral cell sampling
    (1) oral swabs torn packaging, carefully remove the buccal swabs (Note: The entire sampling process can not touch the hand swab section).
   (2) Hold the handle and the left side of the swab into his mouth, making full contact with the head of the left cheek swab inside / left side of the upper and lower gums at the mucosa, with efforts to rub up and down brushing move, rotate the swab, let swab head full access to the oral mucosa, repeat this action for 1 minute.
   (3) the same way the second root in the right cheek swab sampling unit / right side of the upper and lower jaws of the mucosa.
   (4) The oral exfoliated cells stained swab in a clean and ventilated place, at least one hour until dry, replace the collection tube, complete sampling.
   3. After sampling
    (1) Fill in your name on the label collection tube, the collection tube put into ziplock bag, and then register your information on the front label of the ziplock bag of: name, gender, age, acquisition date.
   (2) Please fill in the relevant information on the submission of the registration form. If you choose anonymous testing, please fill out the registration form on the bar code number censorship in the name of place.
   (3) the collection tube containing the ziplock and submission of the registration form to send transportation to normal company.
  Disclaimer: "Cotton manufacturers tell you how to conduct routine sampling by DNA buccal swab" copyright Colin Shenzhen Miraclean all, reproduced, please indicate the source.

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