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Medical swab and clean it
Time:2015-09-18 15:41??Source:未知?? Author:管理员
  Medical Cotton not only more extensive use, and it's a good anti-bending performance, rods should be able to withstand the force 100g permanent deformation or fracture phenomenon does not occur. So, medical cotton swab clean?
According to the national standard and the pharmaceutical industry standards, according to the relevant provisions of the literature cotton ball products must meet the following requirements: production of cotton quality cotton YY0330-2002 must meet the requirements to hold "Medical Device Registration Certificate", and by the factory inspection conclusions qualified; swab of cotton fiber should be soft, white, odorless, without macula, stain, foreign body. Plastic stick, paper stick rod surface should be smooth, no glitches, not a stain, foreign matter and sticks, bamboo sticks stick surface should be smooth, no fracture, not a stain, foreign body.
  Medical Cotton is very clean, it was selected in line with the requirements of YY0330 quality cotton, the ethylene oxide sterilization, made from natural birch rod made of the production process in strict accordance with the production of technical specifications for production operations. Medical Cotton in our lives is very common, do not look at it like trivial way, but it often plays a key role in helping people solve many problems.
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