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   We often help by strangers, when we went into the apartment corridor, the elevator someone is holding the door key enter the elevator waiting for us; The current surface into the mall people stopped and pull open the glass door with the hand waiting we went into the store, our heart will be full of warmth, sincerely to say thank you to them.
  In life, we all get some living conditions and development opportunities, social caress with each one of us grace. Such as: to protect the safety of our traffic police on the streets, firefighters put out the fire, for us to teach our children's teachers, building construction workers, for us to tell us the news media in TV, newspaper, when traveling to our drivers, cure and care for us when sick doctor, nurse...
  Not only that, every one of us by raising parents since the childhood, in school the teacher's enlightenment and education of grace, in the unit the leadership, colleagues of care, help the grace of retirement by the younger generation of support and care.
  We should learn to thank all the people around, to thank all the goodness that life gives us. Thanksgiving is a life attitude, is a kind of pure moral character, is a kind of good feelings, is a life of analgesics, learn to be grateful is the society life.
  Grateful, know they are always much higher than pay, full of gratitude, for others help in mind all the time.
  Grateful people know in return, understand everyone to enjoy a happy life through someone else's pain. So in the life will be far away from the cold, care for and help others.
  Grateful people respect for others, respect for nature, respect for society. In themselves and others, social mutual respect and harmony of nature in the pursuit of the meaning of life, Thanksgiving is the pillar of society life. Gratitude makes the world colorful, make life beautiful.
  Grateful people agree with his own life, to know the complete life including all sorts of failure and helplessness. They don't complain about life, haggle over every ounce, you don't have also won't just take lusts inflation, but the life is full of gratitude, brave in the face of life, get the true meaning of life.
  The with gratitude, for someone else, a less selective to the environment, more appreciation and gratitude, make us broad-minded, forgive those who have offended and hurt their own people, to taste the sweet life today, always keep a healthy state of mind.
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